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BBQ Brisket & Fried Bread Bowl

Copper Chef 11” Deep Dish Casserole Pan 

Recipe Type:  Bread
Servings  8
3  pound  beef brisket  
1  us liquid quart  Beef broth  
1  teaspoon  onion powder  
1  teaspoon  Garlic powder   
1  cup  BBQ sauce  
1    store-bought pizza dough  
2  us liquid quart  Oil for frying  
1  pound  Warm cooked Mac and cheese or other favorite filler  


BBQ Brisket

1. Heat brisket and beef broth in the Casserole Pan on high heat. Cover with the lid. Bring to a boil, then reduce. Simmer until tender, about 2 hours.

2. Combine onion powder, garlic powder, and BBQ sauce.

3. Shred cooked brisket, and mix in the seasoned BBQ sauce.

4. Serve brisket inside the Fried Bread Bowl or atop mac & cheese.

Fried Bread Bowl (Makes 8)

1. Place the casserole pan on the stovetop. Fill the Pan halfway with oil.

2. Over med-high heat, heat the oil to 375 F.

3. Shape 2 oz. dough around a metal bowl or ladle.

4. Carefully submerge in hot oil for 1-2 minutes with tongs or a ladle. Release and cook for 2-3 additional minutes or until golden. Repeat to fry eight bowls. Don’t over load pan, fry in small batches.

5. Use bread bowl as a serving dish for mac and cheese or other favorites.