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Copper Chef BBQ & Bake Bag FAQ's

Q. What Types of Food Can I Grill in the BBQ Bag?
A. While you can grill virtually all of your favorite BBQ meals, the Grill Bag is extra helpful when cooking small, delicate foods that might otherwise fall through the bars like fish, shrimp, hot dogs, or veggies.

Q. What is the Bake Bag?
A. Transform your oven into an air fryer! Use the Bake Bag as an Oven Bag to make golden-crisp fries, mozzarella sticks & more without butter or oil.

Q. How Do I Use My BBQ & Bake Bag?
A. Simply fill the bag with food and snap shut before placing directly on the grill or in the oven. CAUTION – Always use a heat resistant potholder or oven mitt when opening. Never place the BBQ & Bake Bag directly on grill flames.

Q. Are the BBQ & Bake Bags Easy to Clean?
A. Yes! Both bags are dishwasher safe, or you may wash by hand with warm water, mild soap, and a nonabrasive sponge or cloth.

Q. What Are the Dimensions?
A. Large Bag: 15.75" x 13"; Small Bag: 16" x 11".